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What Is Parenting Coordination?


Parenting Coordination is designed to help you and your child's co-parent resolve issues and 
make collaborative decisions that are in the best interest of your child or children.
According to the Association for Family and Conciliation Courts, Parenting Coordination is a
non-adversarial child-focused dispute resolution process designed to assist high conflict parents
settle disputes regarding their children in a timely manner, monitor and facilitate compliance with
parenting plans and related court orders, and reduce the amount of damaging conflict to which
children are exposed.

What can a Parenting Coordinator do for us?
  • Provide education to parents about the developmental and psychological needs of children
  • Reduce conflict between the co-parents by facilitating child-centered communication and decison making processes
  • Improve communication and problem-solving skills of parents
  • Reduce parental reliance upon litigation and courts
  • Re-focus parents on the children's needs

Who Are Parenting Coordinators?

Parenting coordinators are highly skilled practitioner who has extensive training in the areas of child development, psychopathology, divorce and child custody matters. Valerie Areaux, M.S., LMFT is a well-respected, Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinator and is Certified by the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts as both a General Civil and Family Mediator. Formerly on staff at Feinberg & Associates, Valerie has 15 year of experience providing Parenting Coordination services and working collaboratively with Central Kentucky's family law attorneys and judges. She maintains a LIMITED number of Parenting Coordination cases. Please call ahead to ensure availability.

Who is Parenting Coordination Appropriate For?

  • Parents who continue to have high-levels of conflict regarding their children, after legal custody has been established by the court
  • Parents who put their children in the middle of their disputes
  • Disputing parents with suspected or diagnosed personality disorders and/or a history of dysfunctional and failed relationships
  • Parents that over-use the legal process to express and resolve grievances
  • Parents who have limited or ceased their communication regarding the children due to persistent, unresolved conflict

Disputes Often Settled through a Parenting Coordinator:

  • Time sharing schedules including holiday, vacation and transition planning between homes
  • Children's recreational and enrichment activities
  • Education or daycare choices
  • Health care decisions
  • Child rearing issues, including the alteration of children's appearance
  • Systems of communication between parents
  • Parental behaviors and parenting concerns
  • Roles of significant others and extended family member

Parenting Coordination is Not:

  • Therapy, family therapy or counseling for any family member
  • A formal custody evaluation or assessment
  • Diagnosis of a psychological condition
  • Mediation - A Parenting Coordinator is not expected to remain "neutral". Parenting Coordinators offer their expertise to help guide decision making and make low-level decisions for parents who cannot agree.
  • Legal representation
  • Covered by health care insurance plans
  • Confidential - PC functions do not fall under HIPAA . Communication between all parties is essential to the process.